Every physical object has boundary except the universe perhaps. Wherever there is boundary, there is communication barrier.

The organization chart of a company has different meaning for different people. Some people see it as a definition of responsibility while others see it as a confinement of responsibility. Inevitably, this division of labor creates boundaries in a corporation. Walls arise naturally between different Departments particularly if the merit is measured in individual department. More energy is required internally to overcome this wall among people and between departments. However, with the trend of multi-tasking and the recognition of common goal, this boundary must be reduced to minimal or permeable in order to survive in this economic situation. It enables us to share resources with others, produce innovative solutions and prevent ossification of systems behind their walls.

What is our common goal in the company? The answer is to create benefits as a whole, including our customers, not merely for individual departments. With this concept, we should give assistance and suggestion to other colleagues regardless of where they belong. Our job title is no longer a confinement of our responsibility; it is a description of one of our goals. This requires courage and willingness to open up oneself.
Let us remove the boundaries or at least make it permeable between us.

Best regards,

Hubert Chan


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