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The ultimate objectives of IoT and robotics are to create a more connected, automated, and efficient world. IoT connects everyday objects to the internet, while robotics creates intelligent machines that can perform tasks autonomously, making our lives easier and safer.


We are major IoT and Robotics Solutons Provider in Hong Kong, China and Singapore for over 50 years.

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We have over 50 years of experience in providing IT services, developing software applications and hardware devices for clients all over the world.

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Established since 1970, we are the major Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solution Provider in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.The Group is endeavoured to deliver its expertise in providing professional ICT solutions to its customers.

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Our in-house R&D technology team will work with your organisation to develop a solution that fits your exact requirements.

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Our team of experts not only knowledgeable, we are passionate about helping customers succeed. As your technology partner, we will focus our efforts on helping you find the best solution you need. The quality of service we provide is one of the main reasons our clients choose us and stay for the long haul.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our goal of IoT and robotics solutions is to improve the way we live and work by leveraging technology to make our world more connected, automated, and efficient. IoT solutions aim to connect devices and objects to the internet, allowing for smarter homes, cities, and industries. Robotics solutions aim to create intelligent machines that can perform tasks autonomously, making our workplaces safer and more productive. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance our daily lives by using technology to solve problems and make our world a better place.


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Our Recent Launced Projects Available into Market

Blissful Place Senior Care Solution

HKC has been awarded as the supplier of the Blissful Place Senior Care Solution. The project incorporates thoughtful senior-friendly and safe designs, including a smart elderly emergency support system that provides 24-hour service to monitor the status of each resident. The bathrooms and bedsides in the units have emergency buttons that residents can press if needed. The main doors also have entry sensors, and residents can use the morning call service. If someone is found to have not left their unit for a long time or does not respond to the morning call, staff will be dispatched to the unit. In addition to the in-unit designs, residents can also use a wearable device with location tracking functionality. By pressing the device within the housing estate, they can immediately receive assistance.

Hactl: Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Smart Washroom Project





Our purpose of smart washroom solution is to provide a win-win solution for both property management and end users. Property management can manage through the ipad dashboard to track the real-time data of the washroom, such as the usage level of toilet paper and trash bins, etc., which can benefit the cleaning time arrangement of the front end workers, furthermore, instant alarm systems such as fall detection sensor in the toilet compartments can immediately notify management team to provide immediate first aid service for end users. Before entering the washroom, users can see the smart display showing the real time occupancy and the air quality. The stylishly designed toilet compartment uses green and red lights to indicate the occupancy.

The upgrade project of the smart washroom is formally one achievement of an intelligent construction in the new digital transformation era of 2023.

Hong Kong Public Libraries of the Leisure and Culture Services Department

2021, the Group was awarded a tender for the supply of RFID Intelligent Library Management System to the Hong Kong Public Libraries of the Leisure and Culture Services Department.

Xuchang Vocational and Technical College

Xuchang Vocational and Technical College is located in Xuchang. Its new campus covers an area of 1,004 mu, with a construction area of 389,973 square meters. The library has 1,399,700 paper books, 800,000 digital books, 449 newspapers and periodicals, 5 electronic resource databases, 9,769 Chinese and foreign electronic periodicals, and 2,600 reading room seats.

In 2020, HKC Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. introduced our LIBRA RFID intelligent library management system to the college targeted to improve the library operation and makes circulation management more efficient and their students can experience the efficiency of self-borrowing and return process


No.2 middle school of Suixi, Anhui

The No. 2 Middle School of Suixi, Anhui Province, was founded in 1976. The building area of the new campus is about 138,400 square meters; the school has a main library, digital library, student reading room and a teacher reading room.
In June 2020, our LIBRA RFID intelligent library management system was introduced to this college, the intelligent management system was adapted by its library and the system greatly improved the efficiency of librarian routine workload and readers’ self-borrowing and return process

Gucheng Primary School

Gucheng primary school is located in Luyang District. It has seven classes with 222 students and 25 tutors; it successfully achieved the new curriculum of small class teaching method.

Due to the constant growing of data size in school library , the workload of receiving, transporting, sorting and arrangement has increased tremendously.

In December 2017,we has introduced our RFID Library Solution to solve this problem, the librarians can freed from most of the tedious work, the students can experience the efficiency of self-borrowing and return process.





Hefei Economic and Trade Tourism School

Hefei economic and trade tourism school is located in Hefei New Station, covering an area of ​​503 acres and has completed a construction area of ​​222,000 square meters, total equipment value of 5900 million RMB, more than 190,000 books, working staff of 450 people, nearly 9,000 students, it is the largest secondary vocational school in Anhui province.

Starting from November 2017, its library began to use our HKC RFID Library Solution which greatly improves the library operation and makes circulation management more efficient; in all, it benefits both library staffs and students.






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