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The ultimate objectives of Digital Transformation are: to achieve superior service quality, robust governance and control, cost saving and operational efficiency, leading edge customer experience, and rapid & agile innovation.


As a technology Company, HKC has been enabling Digital Transformation in Property Technology, and Hospitality Technology.

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Established since 1970, we are the major Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solution Provider in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.The Group is endeavoured to deliver its expertise in providing professional ICT solutions to its customers.

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Property technology (also known as PropTech, prop-tech, and real estate technology) is the application of information technology, IoT, and platform economics to real estate markets.

The goal of proptech is to allow property owners, managers, and landlords to manage their assets with more efficiency, ease, and flexibility. It creates a better user experience for buildings and tenants which is also the heart of hospitality. Using Hospitality Technology to enrich user experience has been extended to Healthcare, Library, Campus, and Public Utilities.

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Our Recent Launched Projects Available into Market

Smart Washroom Project

Our purpose of smart washroom solution is to provide a win-win solution for both property management and end users. Property management can manage through the ipad dashboard to track the real-time data of the washroom, such as the usage level of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, etc., which can benefit the cleaning time arrangement of the front end workers, furthermore, instant alarm systems such as fall detection sensor in the toilet compartments can immediately notify management team to provide immediate first aid service for end users. Before entering the washroom, users can see the smart display showing the real time occupancy and the air quality. The stylishly designed toilet compartment uses green and red lights to indicate the occupancy.

The upgrade project of the smart washroom is formally one achievement of an intelligent construction in the new digital transformation era of 2022.

222nm Sterilizer Tunnel

(222nm ultraviolet lamps)

The 222nm ultraviolet light luggage disinfection tunnel developed by HKC is to protect passengers and staff from COVID-19 infection from arrival cargo and luggages. Arrival baggages and cargos will pass through an enclosed speed of 0.7m/s sanitizing tunnel. The interior surface of the tunnel is equipped with 8pcs of 222nm ultra violet lamps which can remotely kill 99% virus and bacteria in 2 seconds on baggages and cargos surface that is considered to be eye and skin safe for humans.

Currently, the facility is designated to disinfect all arrival baggages and cargos avoiding potential sources of exposure which could include surfaces touched or handled by a person with COVID19.

Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop cum Hostel

  • 1 set of UV-C robot was installed at the ground floor of Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Sheltered Workshop cum Hostel.
  • Fully automated wireless operation by management staff through cloud web browser
  • Works during non peak hour
  • Reduce infection rates of public areas especially the working tables and chairs in workshop
  • Reduce residual virus from manual cleaning by workers
  • Relief the pressure of lacking manpower for extra cleaning work

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council – Ying Chui Estate Service Centre

  • 1 set of UV-C robot was installed at the lobby of elderly care centre at Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council in Tung Chung
  • Fully automated wireless operation by management staff through cloud web browser
  • Works during non peak hour
  • Reduce infection rates of public areas especially the handrail of room doors / lift panel and public washroom
  • Reduce residual virus from manual cleaning by workers
  • Relief the pressure of lacking manpower for extra cleaning work

URA e-Residence



The Smart Display System (SDS) for New Buildings is an intelligent platform for internet-of-things (IoT) devices. The system, including numerous sensors and energy meters, can empower building residents and property managers with relevant and timely information to lead a healthy and green lifestyle, and to manage the building efficiently respectively.  SDS provides real-time feedback of power, gas and water consumption levels (and their equivalent carbon emissions), household waste and recycled waste generated, as well as instantaneous indoor air quality level in the form of temperature, relative humidity and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and a host of other useful information such as lifts and communal washing machines/dryers status.  Every home in the “eResidence” project is installed with a state-of-the-art touch screen (called Smart Display System) that provides easy-to-understand infographics to apprise the users (i.e. homeowners) of the afore-mentioned information, as well as many other functions such as video door phone and clubhouse facility booking system.


In addition, smart bins equipped with IoT sensors, located in the refuse room on each floor, collect general waste and recycled waste weight information and fill levels of the bins, so that infographics of the waste disposal as well as the optimal waste collection strategy can be formulated to improve the efficiency in property management.


Moreover, the users can set alert levels for the power and gas consumption levels, as well as temperature, relative humidity and TVOC levels.  Thus, notification alerts will be popped up on the SDS when the users consume more energy than they intended, or when TVOC has exceeded the pre-set or default (EPD recommended) parameters.


In order to help users to track their energy usages and waste generation in previous years, SDS also provides historical charts of this information up to 18 months for providing a meaningful year-over-year comparison.


SDS has been adopted by URA in the ‘Starter Homes’ Pilot project, “eResidence” at 8 Hok Yuen Street that consists of about 500 residential units.

  • client: Urban Renewal Authority (URA)
  • Location: 8 Hok Yuen Street
  • Year Of Complited: 2020

63 Pokfulam

63 Pokfulam is Hong Kong’s first ever residential development to be fully fitted with Smart Mirror integrated home automation as a standard feature in every flat. The powerful Carrot home automation system enables convenient remote control, via the Smart Mirror or mobile app, for light dimming, air conditioning, motor curtain or even AV appliances. Residents can also have personalized preset scenarios in which multiple control actions can be triggered easily by single touch on the mirror or automatically by time schedule. In addition to the state-of-the-art home automation system, the developer has raised the standard yet again by being the first to combine the customizable Smart Mirror seamlessly with their interior design.

  • client: Kowloon Development
  • Year Of Complited: 2020

One Guia Hill

Home Automation Project – One Guia Hill


Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd has honorable been awarded to be the Home Automation provider for One Guia Hill residential development project for 30 residential units in Macau. We have provided a comprehensive one-stop home automation solution for the residents. An easy-to-use home system is installed with innovative HA-Pad smart home management system. System details are listed:


Lighting User can control lighting, dimmer at anytime in distance with the use of wireless network by HA-Pad
Air-conditioning User can control air-conditioning at anytime in distance with the use of wireless network by HA-Pad
Security Management Through the smart home system connected to the lobby entrance, user can confirm the visitors’ identity via HA-Pad
Door contact & Panic button – When the anti-theft system or panic alarm is triggered, the warning signal will be send to caretaker
E-notice User can receive information from management office directly via HA-Pad


*The project is expected to be completed by 2014.


  • Location: Macau Peninsula
  • Year Of Complited: 2015

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