Tissue Paper Level Sensor
Soap usage level sensor / water leakage sensor
Compartment usage indicator lights
Smart Display – Washroom vacancy indicator
Air quality sensor / smoke alarm

Our purpose of smart washroom solution is to provide a win-win solution for both property management and end users. Property management can manage through the ipad dashboard to track the real-time data of the washroom, such as the usage level of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, etc., which can benefit the cleaning time arrangement of the front end workers, furthermore, instant alarm systems such as fall detection sensor in the toilet compartments can immediately notify management team to provide immediate first aid service for end users. Before entering the washroom, users can see the smart display showing the real time occupancy and the air quality. The stylishly designed toilet compartment uses green and red lights to indicate the occupancy.

The upgrade project of the smart washroom is formally one achievement of an intelligent construction in the new digital transformation era of 2022.